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Recent Dissertation Titles

David Collins
“All That is Solid Melts into Spirit: Autonomy, Fluidity, and Impersonality in Hegel, Emerson, and Eliot”

Andrew Ascherl 
“To Have Done with Finitude: Transnational Mexican Narrative After 1968”

Myrto Drizou    
“The Politics of Necessity: Negatiating the Future in American Literary Naturalism”

Megan MacDonald 
“Shutting the Archive: Mediterranean Crossings, Impossible Mourning, Ghostly Navettes”

Li-chun Hsiao
“The Indivisible Globe, the Indissoluble Nation: Modernity, Postcoloniality, and National Literature in the Age of Globalization”

Ana Luszczynska
“The Event of Community: Jean-Luc Nancy, Toni Morrison and Sandra Cisneros”

Christopher Devenney
“Detours of writing exile and experience between literature and philosophy”

Zakaria Fatih
“Le mutisme de l’autre: quelques réflexions sur l’altérité dans certains romans français”

Stephen Gingerich
“Absence and multiplicity: naming the nameless in Heidegger, Nietzsche, Faulkner, and Carpentier”

Ilan Safit
“Movement as concept and as image in philosophy and in modernist literature”

Suzanne Gauch
“Sketches of Fantasia: Voice and Representation in Francophone Maghrebian Novels”

Jan Plug
“Bordering Histories: History, Politics, and Language in the Romantic Tradition”

Decio Torres Cruz
“Postmodern Meta-Narratives: Literature in the Age of Image. Scott’s Bladerunner and Puig’s Novels”

Stacey Herbert
“Reporting on the Artist as a Modernist: The Press and the Making of James Joyce 1918-1924”

Luca Crispi
“The mechanics of creativity: a genetic study of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake”

Isabella Winkler
“Quodlibet: the affirmation of the singular in recent continental thought from Derrida to Deleuze”

Scott Pound
“Textualism: literary theory and the depreciation of poetry”

Prasanta Chakravarty
“Like Parchment in the Fire: Literature and Radicalism, 1640-1660”

Beth Gerwin
“Unveiling the Feminine: Text and Textile as Nineteenth-century Metaphor”

José Buscaglia-Salgado
“Impossible Nations (forthcoming U. Minnesota Press)”

Brian McNeil
“Ethical Topographies”