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Adamek, Philip.
PhD, 2005. Associate Professor of English. Kagoshima. Prefectural College Japan.

Ali, Barish. PhD 2005. Department of English, Buffalo State College.

Aso, Takahashi. Kyorin University. Faculty Foreign Language.

Ascherl, Andrew. PhD, 2012. Prof. English, University of New Mexico

Baxter, Annie.  MA, 2002.

Baxter-Kauf, Michael J. PhD, 2007. Program Director at Minnesota Urban Debate League. Coaches Debate at St. Paul Central high school.

Brueckle, Irene. 2001

But, Juanita.

Barnett, Stuart. Department of English. Central Connecticut State University.

Bohn, Heidi J. PhD 2010. Attorney. Office of Assistant Chief Counsel. U.S. Customs and Border Protection. El Paso, Texas.

Burdman, Javier. MA 2011. PhD program. Department of Political Science. Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

Caruso, Jennifer. PhD 2005. English Department. Marion College, Wisconsin.

Chakraborty, Prasanta. PhD 2004. Associate Professor of English. University of Delhi. India.

Chang, Pi-Chun. MA 2002.

Cheng, Sinkkwan.

Clements, Cal.

Coelen, Marcus. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, Germany, literature and literary theory, psychoanalyst.

Colasurdo, Michael. MA 2010.

Colleran, Daniel. MA 2005. English Department. Laguardia Community College.

Collins, David. PhD, 2014.

Conroy, Melaine. MA 2005. PhD in French, Stanford University, 2012.

Countryman, Lisa. MA 2004. Grant Writer & Clinic Liaison at St. Anthony Foundation. Owner at Countryman Translations

Crawford, Ryan. MA 2010.

Crispi, Luca. PhD 2001. UCD James Joyce Research Centre, School of English Drama and Film, University College Dublin, Ireland.

Cucu, Sorin Radu. PhD 2007. LaGuardia Community College. CUNY.

De Carneri, Marina.

Devenney, Christopher.

Drizou, Myrto. PhD, 2012. Assistant Prof. of English, Valdosta State University, Georgia

Dumpfrey, Kerin.

Dunn, Ian. MA 2010.

Elin, Stephen M. MA 2010.MPhil from The New School for Social Research, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Long Island University-Brooklyn. Previous teaching and academic research appointments include Saint Peter’s University, Harvard University, and FLS at Tufts University

Fati, Zakaria. Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.

Garrido, Juan Manuel. MA 2006. Associate Professor University Diego Portales. Santiago, Chile.

Gauch, Suzanne. Case Western University. Department of Modern Languages and Literature.

Gerwin, Elizabeth. PhD 2003. Algoma University. Sault Ste Marie. Canada.

Gingerich, Stephen. PhD 2002. Associate Professor. Department of Foreign Languages. Cleveland State University.

Gill, Lydia. Lecturer of Spanish. PhD University of Texas at Austin, MA in Comparative Literature and 2nd MA in Spanish from University of New York at Buffalo.

Goodnough, Jessica. MA 2009.

Gorelick, Nathan. PhD 2010. Assistant Professor English Department. Utah Valley University.

Hair, Lindsey. PhD 2008.

Harnesberger, Jill. PhD 2008. Assistant Professor, Department of English and Foreign Languages, Fort Valley State University.

Hagglund, Martin. MA 2005. Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Literature. Yale University.

Harrington, Thea. Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College at Keystone College.

Herbert, Stacy. PhD 2002.

Herron, Shane. PhD 2011. Assistant Professor of English. Furman University.

Hewson, Mark. PhD 2001. Teaches Literature and Philosophy at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Hickerson, Crystal. MA 2008. PhD Program, Comparative Literature. UC Irvine.

Hsiao, Li-Chun. PhD 2004. Assistant Professor. Nat’l Taiwan University.

Ivanchikova, Alla. PhD 2008. Professor of English at University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Jackson, Kimberly. PhD 2005. Associate Professor of English. Florida GulfCoast University.

James, Deveryle. PhD 2008.

Jobling, Ian. PhD 2002.

Jowsey, Nicole. PhD 2011. Regional Field Director at Obama For America

Kania, Brian.

Kang, Kyoung-Yee. MA 2006.

Kates, Joshua. Full Professor. English Department. Indiana University.

Keegan, Bridget. Vice President for Academic Affairs for Canisius College, June 2013.

Koch-Gibson, Jennifer.

Kwon, Jieun. PhD 2009.

Le Tourneux, John. 2005.

Lee, Kyungah. MA 2011. PhD Program Department of Philosophy. Claremont Graduate University.

Lin, Chun-Han. 2002

Logan, Ian. MA 2010.

Lowenthal, Marc.

Luftig, Jonathan. PhD 2003. Jonathan Luftig is a Lecturer at Morgan State University.

Luszczynska, Ana. PhD 2004. Assistant Professor of English at Florida International University, Miami.

MacDonald, Megan. PhD, 2012. Instructor, English, Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey

McGhee, Kim.

Mcneil, Brian. PhD 2004. Market Development Manager at Parker Hannifin. Shangai, China.

Militello, Joseph.

Miyamoto, Keiko. PhD 2005. English Department. Seinan Gakuin University.

Murphy, Jonathan W. PhD 2010. Visiting Assistant Professor. Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi.

Muscau, Francesca. PhD 2006. South Bank University. London, England.

Nelson, Lycette. Since 2010 works in the MDAC (Mental Disability Advocacy Center) as Litigation Director.

Nickard, Gary. PhD 2006. Associate Professor. Department of Visual Studies, University at Buffalo.

Pardini, Samuel. PhD 2005. Assistant Professor, Elon University.

Park, Mijeong. Assistant Professor, English, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.

Pascatore, Russell. MA 2010. Currently on the PhD program, Department of Classics, University of Southern California.

Pelaez, Sol. Assistant Professor. Foreign Languages Department. Mississippi State University.

Penny, Laura. PhD 2006. Department of English, Mount Saint Vincent University.

Penasack, Amy. MA 2001.

Pfau, Thomas. Alice Mary Baldwin Professor of English & Professor of German and Director of Graduate Studies: Carolina-Duke Program in German, Duke University.

Pillai, Johann. Associate Professor, Comparative Literature, Eastern Mediterranean University, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Piloiu, Rares. PhD 2006.

Polgar, Antoine. PhD 2002.  Adjunct instructor at Champlain College.

Polyium, Montree. 2002. Lecturer, English and Literature, Department of Western Languages and Linguistics, Mahasarakham University.

Pound, Scott. Since 2004 Assistant Professor of English, Lakehead University.

Rashidaian, Ziba.

Rheingold, Hugh.

Rudnicki, Marc. PhD 2002. Term Assistant Professor at George Mason University.

Safit, Ilan. PhD 2003. Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Pace University.

Sayre, Gordon. Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of Oregon.

Schatz, Ana.

Schmitz, Andrew. PhD 1997. Associate Professor, English, D’Youville College.

Sela-Levavi, Shirli.

Sharp, Michele.

Smith, Jessica. MA 2005.

Spain, Andrea. PhD 2009. Assistant Professor Department of English. Mississippi State University.

Stoekle, Alan. Professor, French. Penn State University.

Stone, Ray. PhD 2006.

Staat, Wim.

Thiele, Kathrin. PhD 2007. Assistant Professor, Gender Studies, Department of Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University.

Thomas, Tammis. Assistant Professor. English, University of Houston, Downtown.

Tuhkanen, Mikko. PhD 2005. Associate Professor of English and Africana Studies. Texas A&T University.

Valbuena, Olga. Associate Professor of English. Wake Forrest University.

VanWesenbeeck, Birger. PhD 2006. Assistant Professor. English Department. SUNY Fedonia.

Verstraete, Ginette. PhD 91. Professor of Cultuurwetenschappen (Comparative Arts and Media), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Wilson, Andrew. 2005.

Zimnik, Nina. Assistant Professor, German and Cultural Studies, University of Lüneburg, Germany.

Zlotsky, Andres. PhD 2002.