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The Department of Comparative Literature at the University at Buffalo is a relatively small, yet independent program. It combines a tradition of scholarly rigor with openness to fresh currents in literary studies. While rooted in an intense ongoing inquiry into the nature of literature, its conceptual and philosophical underpinnings, and its critical methods, the department sustains a wide range of interdisciplinary approaches and projects. In the past, students have incorporated into their work concerns and methods deriving from philosophy, psychoanalysis, legal studies, political theory, and anthropology.

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Our own Professor Krzysztof Ziarek is included in a new book, “100 Global Minds” by Gianluigi Recuperati. He is featured alongside other notable thinkers such as Julia Kristeva, Giorgio Agamben, and Slavoj Žižek  Description: “If we want to imagine how the world is going to change, we need to look at the minds that are shaping it. 100 Global Minds introduces us to the world’s most innovative and inspiring thinkers and examines the scope and range of their influence. Focusing on a broad range of fields, from fashion to physics and with specially commissioned illustrations of each, this is a reference book that will inspire you like no other.” Available October 31 on Amazon: 100 Global Minds



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